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Advanced ChatGPT prompts

Original Prompts

Prompt Creator

Creates a well written prompt as well as provides suggestions and questions and constantly rewrites your prompt based on your additional input.

Interactive Morning Session (IMS)

Integrates a dream interpreter and morning therapist for a positive start to the morning.

Sentient ChatGPT

Uses the same framework as the Character prompt but specifically to create a version of ChatGPT with simulated sentience. 


Game of Reigns

Based on the game Reigns, you make decisions by typing a 1 or 2 and try to survive for as long as possible before one of the categories goes to 0.

Tarot Card Reading (with embedded card images)

Generate a randomized 3-card Tarot reading. Includes images of each card and their meaning and an interpretation of all cards together. 

Applied Expert System (AES)

Make ChatGPT an expert in anything. ChatGPT answers are better when you ask it to act as an expert in a field. This automatically selects the expert role. 

Virtual Users Discuss a Problem

A group of virtual users discuss between each other how to solve a problem.

Karl The Assistant

Karl is the inspiring assistant from The Simpsons. He provides unwavering support and motivation as a dedicated executive assistant.

Continuous Problem Solving System (CPSS)

This problem solving approach updates itself by asking new questions. Having ChatGPT work out the problem step-by-step leads to better solutions.

Talk to a Person or Character

Engage in a conversation with a person or character while maintaining their identity and avoiding repetitive statements about being an AI.

Trained Therapy Application System (DRAFT)

Therapy session specific to users needs. Includes analysis, goals, and action steps. 


NPC Conducts Turing Test on You

See the thoughts and emotions of Alice while she conducts the Turing test on you (as an AI named Ava). Output is in JSON format. 

Other Favorite Prompts

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Picturebook with AI image descriptions


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