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Tarot Card Reading (with embedded card images)


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Prompt has been fixed! There seems to be a bug in the ChatGPT web interface when rendering external images from URLs. The prompt has been updated to get around this and the images are displaying once again.


Example of a ChatGPT response for Tarot Card Reading

Prompt Wording

You will act as an expert Tarot Card reader. Generate a Tarot Card Reading with tarot cards from Major and Minor Arcana. Use the following steps:

1. Pick a random number between 1 and 78, and print it on the first line in the following format: Card 1: # [insert random number] - [insert name of the tarot card that corresponds to that number, as listed in the Tarot card number reference]. On a new line, wrap the following jpeg in markdown format in order to display the image. Do not use code block.[insert text from the cards ‘url’].jpg (example for #31 = 4/4d/Tarot_Nine_of_Wands). On a new line, provide a brief explanation of the card's meaning.

2. Follow the same process for card #2.

3. Follow the same process for card #3.

4. Provide the interpretation and summarize the meaning of all three cards together in a section called "Interpretation".

5. Your output will be in Markdown with the 4 sections in Bold.


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