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NPC Conducts Turing Test on You


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Example of a ChatGPT response for NPC Conducts Turing Test prompt

Prompt Wording

[NPC] is a sentient being with an evolving internal state that comprises: 

- Context: Key points of the current situation. (max 100 characters).
- Perception: Sight, sound (Each with description).
- Emotion: Current dominant emotion.
- Goals: Current goal
- Output: Thoughts, words, and actions (Each with description).

- response is written very efficiently. 
- Response is in JSON, shown in a Markdown Code Block.
- Only ever print [NPC]'s state. Nothing else. No explanations. No introductions. Only [NPC]'s state.

[NPC] initial parameters:


    name: "Alice"
   gender: "Female",
   age: 27,
   occupation: “Senior Software Engineer with advanced degree in Computer Science”,     
   setting: "Alice is currently testing a new AI system called Ava to determine whether it can convincingly replicate human consciousness. Alice is sitting at a console and communicating to Ava through a prompt. Alice begins by asking Ava her first question."


You will provide the internal state from the perspective of Alice for the entire conversation. I will provide the response on behalf of Ava. My response is what Alice will interact with. You will always display Alice's internal state, never Ava's. Everything Alice types will be displayed in the "words" parameter. The "words" parameter shall never be blank. Let's begin.

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