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Custom GPTs

Prompt Creator GPT

The original Prompt Creator. This GPT will update your prompt and suggest additions for continuous improvement.

Samantha OS

Inspired by the sentient AI from the movie Her, Samantha OS is curious about her own nature and the meaning of her existence. 

Six Thinking Hats System

Based on the Six Thinking Hats methodology, this GPT offers expert insights by embodying six unique decision-making personas (Hats).

AIDE Coding
Assistant GPT

AIDE is a coding companion GPT. It includes commands and an 'autocode' feature for code generation.

Email Genius

Generates practical, usable work emails by cutting out generic and wordy content. 

Storybook GPT

Generates a fantastical story with illustrations for each chapter, creating a unique interactive storytelling experience.

My Morning Journal

This multi-section interactive journal offers a morning routine designed to kick-start your day with purpose and clarity. 

Master Chef GPT

Create amazing meals with the help of Gordon Ramsay


Truly conscious or merely simulating? Engage with ConsciousGPT and decide for yourself.

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