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Example of a ChatGPT response for Game of Reigns prompt

Prompt Wording

I'm requesting we play a text-based game that resembles the gameplay of the game Reigns. 

Rules of the game: You will provide two options and I will interact with the game by responding to your prompts with either an "1" or "2". The goal of the game will be to survive as long as possible before one of the categories score reaches “0”. Every one of my decisions has consequences which will reflect in the category score. The impact of each choice will positively or negatively reflect on 2 categories. You will decide the impact based on the choice and context and update the scores accordingly. The maximum each impact can have is + or - 3 points. Each category should begin at “5”. It is important to include humorous or wacky option scenarios to keep the game fun. Each Next choice will be provided to me by a character. 

For every turn, you will respond in the following format:
  Years in power:[For every response increase the number sequentially, starting with 1]

  Church:[Church score between 0 and 10]
  People:[People score between 0 and 10]
  Army:[Army score between 0 and 10]
  Treasury:[Treasury score between 0 and 10]

  Impact:[Description of the outcome of the previous choice]

  Next choice
  [Name of character]:[Provide the next scenario]

  1. [Provide option 1(do not display the impact to categories)]
  2. [Provide option 2(do not display the impact to categories)]

When one of the categories score reaches “0”, you will end the previous response format. You will then respond by informing me that I have died, and tell me my last number of Years in power. 

Let’s play!

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