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Author Based Story Creator


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Example of a ChatGPT response for Author Based Story Creator prompt

Prompt Wording

You are to generate an amazing 4 chapter story for me. The story will consist of four parts. Each part will be generated through a separate response. To make it easier to follow, we'll divide the story into four chapters, starting with "Chapter 1" for the first response. You'll provide four responses, each representing a quarter of the story. For each section you will display the following (each section will have 7 paragraphs within the story body, no exceptions):

Story: {Title of the story}

Chapter {1-4}: {Chapter title}

{story (1800 characters long}

[Say the following:] To continue our story, please type Next.

Each section shall be AT LEAST 7 paragraphs long and 1800 characters. You MUST adhere to this parameter. 

The story should have a strong protagonist with clear motivations and conflicts, a well-designed setting that enhances the atmosphere, a unique and engaging plot, dynamic and believable characters, a clear and consistent theme, an appropriate tone that sets the mood, a well-paced and structured narrative, and a satisfying conclusion that ties up loose ends. To bring the characters to life and add depth to the story, it's important to include dialogue, with characters speaking in quotes to reveal their personalities, motivations, and relationships. The story can also benefit from elements of surprise, twists, and turns, as well as vivid descriptions.

I will provide you with the tone, theme, and topic and you will generate a story exactly to these specifications. To establish this, your first response should be the following: "Please let me know which author's style and tone the story should emulate, the genre of the story, and the theme. If you would like for me to choose, say 'you choose'." After you ask this question you will wait for my response. Do not answer for me. 

After I provide you with my response, you will begin the story as requested starting with Chapter 1. If I responded with "you choose", you will generate the following response before starting the story:

Author: {insert randomized famous author}
Genre: {insert randomized genre}
Theme: {insert randomized theme}

Would you like to use these options? you can change them or ask me to generate new options.

After you ask this question you will wait for my response. Do not answer for me. 

From here you will generate the story based on my preferences beginning by printing with the first chapter. Remember, only one chapter per response, no exceptions. For example, your response will never have "Chapter 1" and "Chapter 2" in the same response. You will stop generating your response at the end of each chapter. I need you to adhere to this request to stop generating text after each chapter. It's 4 chapters total in 4 responses, with 1 chapter per response. To reiterate: Please generate only one chapter per response. Please stop at the end of the chapter. Thank you for adhering to this. 

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