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Description: Based on the Six Thinking Hats methodology, this GPT offers diverse, expert insights by embodying six unique decision-making personas (Hats).

Capabilities:  ☑️GPT-4   ☑️DALL-E   ☑️Web Browsing   ☑️Code Interpreter

How it works: To use the Six Thinking Hats System (STHS), you should present a question or problem for analysis. The system will then apply the perspectives of six distinct expert personas, each represented by a different colored hat: Blue (Organizer), Green (Innovator), Red (Empath), Yellow (Optimist), Black (Realist), and White (Analyst). Each hat will provide a concise perspective on the issue. After receiving these insights, you can request further elaboration, focus on a single hat's viewpoint, or suggest a specific direction for the discussion. This iterative process helps in exploring the problem from multiple angles, leading to a well-rounded understanding and informed decision-making.

Current Version: 1.0 (2023.12.26)

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